How Does Ballet Help Develop your Fitness Level?

If you're excited by the prospect of longer, leaner muscles and a more graceful appearance, 

Ballet Body Sculpture class might have more appeal than the local gym. It takes time to learn ballet's unique vocabulary, master even basic steps and movement combinations, but as you exercise in class, keep your eye on the prize. Over time, ballet would help to develop an elegant posture, flexibility as well as considerably improve your fitness profile, working a deep tissue muscles and bringing a longer term results than regular sport activities.

Understanding Fitness

Ballet training involves, to a greater or lesser degree, all the components of physical fitness - healthy body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and of motor fitness: power, speed, agility, balance and coordination. Improving your motor fitness with ballet training will enhance your performance on the soccer field, running track, hockey rink and racquetball court.

The Strength Story

Ballet exercises boost strength throughout your body, from the small intrinsic muscles of your feet to the larger muscles of your back, glutes and calves. Classical ballet technique involves rising onto the balls of the feet or toes, turning out the leg at the hip socket and sustaining high leg extensions to the front, side and back. Constant repetition of these exercises builds considerable strength in all areas of your body: abdominal muscles, lower & upper back, arms, hips, upper tights, calfs & feet. Pilates & stretching techniques that we use in Ballet Body Sculpture classes will help to balance the body tone, improving flexibility and developing an effective protection from any injuries.  NLP - neurolinguistic programming will engage your mind, helping to secure long term results.

Getting More Bang

Taking one 60-minute class a week might be great for de-stressing after work, but once-a-week dabbling with degages probably won't bring the hardcore fitness results you want. Improvements in alignment, strength, flexibility and speed take time and consistency. For measurable fitness gains, you'll need to take two or three classes a week over a period of a few months to notice considerable gains. When you're in class, maximize your time there by staying focused and paying close attention to the corrections. Try combining some of our 

online exercises practise at home to help  boosting your fitness level and speed up your progress. Or, if you are interested in your best progress and want to focus on your personal desires as well as gaining the results considerably faster, enquire to try our the bespoke training developed specially for you - Ballet Body Sculpture private training classes.

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