Body Language & Elegant Posture

Body language can have an amazing impact on any situation in your life.
#Great posture helps keep the body strong and upright. It protects the back, helps #strengthen the center, and speaks volumes about your #confidence level and #health. Remember what they say about first impressions? #Good posture can help you give a great one! Poor posture on the other hand can read as weak, uninterested, or that you are uncomfortable in your own skin. In #professional settings where the pressure is really on, like in an interview, pitch or presentation, having good posture is key!
If #posture is something that you struggle with, don’t worry. Anyone can build #beautiful posture through simple #exercises and work on creating better habits. Take a moment now and sit up, pull in with the stomach, and lift and open through the chest. Now pull back with the shoulders and lift the head slightly. This is what great posture feels like! The muscles in the back, shoulders, ribs and center are all engaging. Aim for this position in your workouts, especially in my standing cardio work, and hopefully, in your next big moment in the spotlight to project Ballet Body Sculpture posture, strength & confidence!

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Posted by Ballet Body Sculpture on Thursday, May 14, 2015