How create a better You... a unique and graceful way to Your wellbeing

Getting the best of yourself is not an easy task for anyone. But could be an enjoyable, fun experience, rather than hard and boring push?.. Our clients are sharing their experience and journey to their own fitness and wellbeing as well as the benefits gain with our ballet workout training classes.

"I used to do ballet when I was little, and remember really enjoying the elegant movements and classical music. I never became a professional dancer, but always liked keeping fit and followed my interest in ballet as part of my cultural education. When I heard about Ballet Body Sculpture, it was a great discovery. It sounded like a really unique way of building a good posture as well as fitness, but in a graceful way.

Changes that I started to feel in my body, using well set up mind and body exercises kept me very motivated. My coordination and flexibility was something I always wanted to improve. After exercising on regular basis, I started to feel very good results not only in my coordination, flexibility and body awareness, but also in my posture as well as core strength. Something that I was unable to achieve in other exercise classes and gyms.

The classes give me an opportunity to be competitive with my own self, always reaching for better results and higher achievements. Every time after the class my body feels great, toned, conditioned and lengthened. I also like the fact that there is nice social side to these lessons, where you can chat and meet the same people on a regular basis and enjoy exercising together.” Frances Terribile

"When I came across Ballet Body Sculpture it attracted me as a very elegant and feminine training.
I always loved watching ballet performances and wanted find some exercise for my body that would feel comfortable and graceful. 

Exercising a couple of times a week on a regular basis in a very short space of time improved my posture, balance and coordination. My core strength and stamina got stronger, I became a lot more flexible and confident. Asta is a lovely teacher, I really enjoy the balance of the exercises at the class and nice music. Lessons are very social, during my period of training I have met a lot of international people. 

I would say that if you want to improve your posture, flexibility, core strength, coordination, self expression amongst other benefits, it's really worth while trying out. Be prepared to put some effort in but in a fun and graceful way." Christa Schwarz 

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