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It’s natural to pick fault with your appearance and dwell on the bits of your body you don’t like, but you don’t have to be a supermodel to feel some love for your shape. If you choose you can in fact change the way you feel about your body – for good! 
Remember what your body reflects the way you fell and project. There’s more to your body than the superficial outer layer, acknowledging, appreciating and applying these capabilities, will make an amazing impact on your body and appearance.
Mind is your language. How often do you put yourself down? If you want to grow your ego, watch what you say. Use short, positive statements in the present tense, choose something you like about your body. If you’ve been feeding yourself a punishing diet of self-criticism, they may take a while to feel comfortable, but if you start the acknowledgment of your journey to confidence, it will slowly grow into a feeling of appreciation of what you have and feeling better about yourself every day.
Forget the fashion industry. Don’t let models sway the way you feel about your own appearance, as they represent a different reality that isn’t necessarily better than your own. It doesn’t matter what the fashion industry says – they’re professionally biased. The only verdict that matters is yours.
Be fair to yourself. Most of us find fault with some aspect of our image, but to others this apparent defect may not even 
be perceptible. It’s important to make your opinion a fair one. Don’t focus on aspects you consider less than perfect. Instead, concentrate on the things that may seem less obvious, such as clear skin, shining hair, white teeth, a musical voice or a warm smile because, these are often the most decisive factors in terms of your overall appeal.
Cultivate your inner beauty. Appearances do matter, of course, but you should also remember that they don’t determine whether people have successful relationships. All the psychological research shows that the most attractive people are those who appear to be kind, funny, emotionally open and broad-minded rather than those who are simply outwardly beautiful. In fact, beauties often have trouble finding decent partners because their looks can prove intimidating or they fear they are only wanted because they have a pretty face.
Get over it! It may be easier said than done, but if you can rise above your niggling insecurities and accept them 
as part of life, you’re on the right track. Being obsessed with your appearance is to remain stuck in a teenage outlook on life and to ignore the effects of time. No one can be perfect forever – we’re all haunted by wrinkles and double chins after the brief years of youth. Just keep remembering those celebrities who have been kind enough to demonstrate this for us in detail, despite spending fortunes on their appearance! You can either make the most, or the least, of what you’ve got. It’s entirely up to you.
Love your reflection. Stop letting your perceived faults affect the way you feel about your overall appearance. Look in the mirror and try not to zone in on the areas you dislike – instead, start by looking at a part of your body you’re happy with, or at least, not as unhappy with as the others. Look at yourself as though you’re looking at a loved one and get comfortable with the image you see reflected back at you. Once you’ve begun to like what you see, reinforce the feeling by smiling at yourself in the mirror. If you think it sounds vain, think again – the results might surprise you. This may be a little difficult to start, but perseverance will bring big rewards in your confidence.
Lastly, always remember that you are unique, therefor instead of looking for something wrong, start looking for what’s is RIGHT.

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