Secrets of Body Optimisation

Upping the game in this blog post, we move to body and mind optimisation.

As you may be aware, I run a high end consultancy in Mayfair and Kensington, specialising in developing the minds and the body’s of individuals who are at the top end of the social and business ladder. A lot of the research work and writing I do is conducted here in Zurich at a lazier pace, and then the techniques I develop are used with celebrity and high achieving clients in London.


One aspect of what makes the consultancy so unique, is it’s at the cutting edge of the consciousness world, pushing the limits of what we know to the extreme of what we think is possible, which always takes a step further every day. In fact, it’s supremely frustrating when we don’t push beyond another limit.

For the majority however, the idea of optimising their mind and body doesn’t even register. The problem the most people face, is the self-defeating program that runs from inside, subverting their thoughts and efforts in all aspects of their lives, so they end up saying — “that’s just me” or blaming everyone but themselves. This is of course a simplistic way of putting it, as there are multiple influences that affect us such as an Inauthentic Social Identity (ISI), Negative Social Virus (NSV), and a range of social dynamics at play, leading to illusory superiority at the lower metacognivity end of the spectrum, and finally the state of ignorance.

Taking the last subject, none of us like to feel we are ignorant, but the truth is we are all at a level of ignorance of 99.9% to what really is around us when it comes to the electro magnetic field. A fraction of this ignorance figure —is body optimisation —which is rarely talked about in the dieting and fitness industry; instead we are presented with a host of misleading information that tends to make us unhappy or just plain give up on what we could become, because the task seems to be just too big.


Body optimisation is most simply put, as looking at your body from an anthropological — non-‘Vogue’ origin; then you will begin to gain a realistic picture of what it was designed for, and what you can do with it.

By anthropological, here I mean many thousands of years of development based around survival. It’s only in the last few hundred years have we really gone to town on mucking about with perfection from a physical and mental standpoint, reinforced by social dictates aligned with the prevailing fashion and the use of distorted mirrors in shops.

In Victorian times, chunky was good, whilst for a while it’s been about being anorexic, now it’s the physical look. Back before mirrors were invented, the focus was getting the best possible performance out of the body card you were dealt with at birth for survival reasons, not vanity fair, and that truth is — every person can have an optimised body that is super sexy if they choose.

The fact is, your body, or should I say the perfect one inside you that suffers years of modern abuse that evolution didn’t plan for, has the potential to be a fully optimised system with the capability to function in the extremes of our environment as well as look good in the right out fit. An adaptive system of one hundred trillion cells all communicating with each other with every thought you have and chemical you ingest.


Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out just how cool and progressive your thoughts can be on a consciousness level if you want them to be — all the way up to self and social actualisation, then into a state of super creativity. But if you’re employed or running a business, I will guarantee you, you are functioning at a fraction of your potential and far off these three cognitive states, that you should take as a given in your life.

Your environment like most people, will be process driven, working against your potential — as an unconscious trade-off for a fraction of the financial reward you could be receiving from your daily activity if you optimised your cognitive function; and your body will be suffering the outcome of a flex profile — that in survival terms, would rapidly lead to the extinction of the human race if every body followed you.

This may sound harsh, but when you want peak performance mentally or physically, there is no soft way to put it; and as our clients pay for substantial and sustained results, their is a considerable difference in the way we approach mental and physical development at this level.

To start with, we look at the mentality of a person and their expectations. To put it bluntly, if you want to be 5’10 and you’re 5’ that’s not going to work out and you’ll get disheartened very rapidly. If however, you look at your body and start with actually recognising its potential in a realistic way, the optimised form as a goal, then you can begin to sculpture your body using the right mindset combined with the right moves to achieve what you want.


Loving the body you have and optimising it’s form takes developing a level of certainty in your mindset, and appreciating what your body can be — if you start to exercise, stretch and flex in the right way. However, for all of us the starting point in this process is reprogramming the metabolism with a simple change of behaviour and then building on this as a foundation for your future long term body management.

Unfortunately, much of the information we see on the internet is so diluted and subjective, based within the experience of the person that is creating a program (which is pretty well everyone and their hamster these days) that it’s difficult for the average person to realise what route is going to be effective.

In the mental and physical game you really get what you pay for, and at Asta’s level her clients in Zurich and London gain from lifetimes expertise as a professional athlete, dealing with body mechanics at an advanced level. It’s exactly the same for my clients, however winding back the destructive thought patterns and physical abuse we put our systems through, can take a little while sometimes, a time which is always governed by the individual’s willingness, desire and dedication of the client to be all that they can be.