7 Day Ballet Body Sculpture Spring Booster

Spring is finally here, bringing a better weather and more motivation to achieve the results for the summer time! Most you may think that to get good results you need to spend many hours exercising, but the key is not the length of time of the workout but your consistency. So even if you spend 20-30min a day working out, but do it every day, you will achieve considerably better results than trying to wear your body out in one go, experiencing a lot of sore muscles next day and loosing the interest to exercise, which often leads to digression. 


Here's a short Ballet Body Sculpture online program to kick your spring body off! :)


Day 1.

Ballet Body Sculpture – Posture Alignment Class

An elegant workout designed to define your upper body, align graceful posture, strengthen your back and arm muscles. Low impact, artistic exercises, gaining fast coming results.
Length: Approx. 12min


Day 2.

Ballet Body Sculpture - Pro-Ballerina Legs

These ultra sculpting leg exercise sequences are exclusively designed to give you strong, lean ballerina legs in the fastest time possible. Perfect if you are looking to define & style with a lower body workout, sculpting and toning your perfect pro ballerina legs and bottom.
Length : Approx.: 20min


Day 3.

BBS Slim Fit - Perfect Sides & Core!

A short and condensed workout to effectively define your sides, waistline and stretch the core muscles. Develop balance and core stability with our ballet inspired conditioning exercises, work the entire core with focus on the deep abdominals and obliques. Take inches off your waist and realign your posture.
Length : Approx.: 11min

BBS  Slimfit -Perfect Abs Quick!

Enjoy exercising unique Ballet Body Sculpture series of toning, twisting, stretching and lengthening movements followed by motivating music & guidance. An effective workout if you have a little time to tighten your stomach and refine abdominal muscles!
Length : Approx.: 11min


Day 4.

BBS Perfectly Toned Arms and Back Part I

Sculpt a dancer's posture, tone the arms as well as define your back muscles! Short and effective workout focused to improve your upper body, stretch the shoulders & slim the arms.
Length: Approx 12min


Ballet Body Sculpture  - Stretch, Flex & Relax

This Ballet Body Sculpture class is designed to release and stretch, conditioning your body and mind in order to keep muscles and joints supple, helping you to improve and realign posture so you can exercise more efficiently with better form and keep your body injury free.
Length : Approx. 15min


Day 5.

BBS - Perfectly Refined Abs & Gluts II!

Ballet based sequences professionally designed to activate, strengthen your core muscles & gluts. Lengthen and define your abs, tighten the obliques, lift & shape your gluts, while raising your heart rate to burn any extras. Sleek & shape your perfect lines to see great results fast! 
Length: Approx. 30min


Day 6.

BBS - Ballet Barre Blast!

Create beautiful ballerina legs, sculpt the waistline and align your posture with Ballet Body Sculpture - Ballet Barre Blast! Enjoy exercising by the barre with fun music and get some effective results for your body lines!

Length : Approx. 24min


Day 7.

BBS - Quick Bottom Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout

Challenging mat exercises designed to lift, sculpt & shape your gluts & thighs. This quick power workout focuses on shaping the lower body, while strengthening muscles in the bottom, legs, thighs and core. Use it by itself or with other Ballet Body Sculpture workout classes for the best results. Ballet or dance experience not required. 
Length : Approx.15 min.


Ballet Body Sculpture Active Stretch

Unique active stretching techniques to develop log, sleek and supple muscles, flexible joins and releasing tensions. Isolate & activate hidden areas to elevate your flexibility to a new level.
Length: Approx. 20min


Enjoy workout out your perfect Spring Body! Any questions, please feel free to contact us: