Is Your Body & Mind in Balance?

Keeping the balance is aways hard, on the converse side, extremes are easy, . Being balanced doesn't mean rewarding yourself everytime you workout. Or guilt tripping yourself to hours on the treadmill. I see it a lot with of my clients. Woman throw themselves around in an attempt to over compensate for unhealthy lifestyle choices, becoming incredibly inefficient. Balance is often more about what you don't do than what you do do. When I see my clients transform their health, they start to crave exercise, they have less pain. They start to want more fresh, healthy food and just lose interest in sugar, alcohol and other energy depleting, empty calories. The body goes through a process when you switch to healthier eating and exercise. You sleep better, you wake up better, you think better, you are better through the day and you're able to do more. The body likes that and wants more of it. This takes discipline. It takes effort and it demands taking responsibility for your health. But it is absolutely central. It is an investment and its the smartest investment you will make. As women we put everybody else's needs before our own. We give give give and wonder why we never have anything left. Put energy into yourself first and foremost and you will have plenty to go around.

There is another type of balance which has to do with your muscles. The way our body is designed, we tend to rely on certain muscles. For example, we commonly overuse the quadriceps (at the front of the thigh) for a lot of everyday movements like walking, climbing stairs and getting up from sitting. Without being aware, your quads are getting stronger and your hamstrings, weaker. This can lead to issues with the knees, lower back, hips and ankles. So, not only for a perfectly balanced body, but also to prevent injury, improve posture and build equal strength, try to activate the weaker muscle groups. In our workouts we aim to target the hamstrings, inner thighs, upper back and triceps. Connect your mind to the muscles: switch the overpowering muscles off and the weaker muscles on. This will contribute to a beautifully balanced body.

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