What You Should Know About Ballet for Children

It probably feels like yesterday that your baby took their first steps, and now they are twirling around the living room asking if they can take ballet class! I am sure you are wondering if your child is ready for ballet, where to even start looking for classes, never mind what should they wear?


Here are a few tips:

1. Children really do benefit from ballet. It is a wonderful way for their confidence to thrive. Watch your child interact with others, make new friends, work as a team and discover new ways to communicate and create.

2. Your daughter should wear a leotard and skirt - white or pink depending on her age and our group she joins, or tutu dress with ballet tights and ballet shoes. Your son should wear shorts and t-shirt and ballet shoes.  Yes, ballet is not just for girls! You will find that children take pride in wearing their ballet outfit and often want to wear it at home as well! The best place in Zurich to find ballet outfit for your kids : https://ballett-shop.ch/

3. Your child may not join in with every exercise during the first few classes. This is perfectly normal. Some children take a little longer than others to feel completely comfortable in the new environment.

4. Missing the lessons can have a big effect on your child's confidence. You may wonder why they joined in with so much joy one week, then the next, have become shy and don't want to dance. We find that this is often to do with your child missing a lesson or two, which might make it difficult to catch up at the next lesson. Please do help your child's experience to enjoy the dance by attending the classes regularly, building the focus as well as discipline.

5. Most important - encourage your children to do things that they express their passion to!:)

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Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Asta x