5 Tips To Make This Year The Best


1. Don’t delay

Let’s face it — we far too often put our attention to fitness & wellness aside, until : "we have more time”, “loose a bit of weight”, “spring starts”, “ holiday finishes” and many more important excuses that fundamentally lead nowhere.  Don’t get caught in this trap! Take some flexibility and begin today. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

2. Take small steps

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. With all my ballerina experience I can honestly admit: great results come with learning, patience and dedication. Rushing on to the next “new thing” or the “fastest results ever” only lead to failure. Take the opportunity to change your approach and the progress will surprise you.  

3. Plan it

Take control of your schedule, otherwise your life will always be controlled by someone else. Time is the most pressious thing you will ever have - value it and spend it sensibly, to gain the best benefit from.

4. Surround yourself with positivity

Our environment dictates our influence. If you are surrounded by negative people, chances are those negative voices can influence you negatively. Don’t let it to pull you down or to be your decision maker. Start thinking for yourself and learn how to tune out and shut out the negative in your own head and life. Protect yourself by resisting this negativity or procrastination, you deserve more.

5. Invest in yourself!

Fitness, education and good health are central to living a happy life. Invest in a training program that helps you reach your goals, improves your wellbeing and brings you progress. Your body is your temple, the only one you’ll ever have - make sure you take a good care of it.

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you in our classes.