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Redefining fitness & wellbeing

Ballet Body Sculpture is a Unique Ballet Based Exercise Workout Program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture and body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates, stretching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; forming a powerful mind & body connection for immediate and lasting results. No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture. Available classes : Group & Personal training 


Ballet Body Sculpture Packages: Fitness, Nutrition & Wellbeing


Define your perfect body line


This package is designed specifically for those who want to lose weight and maintain a beautiful body line. It is a 12-week program that offers unlimited use of Ballet Body Sculpture classes as well as personalized, frequent visits with our very own nutritionist. With consistent exercise and dietary changes, you can get healthy, gain energy and lose weight for good!


      3 Months of Unlimited Ballet Body Sculpture Group Classes

     Initial Nutrition Coaching Session & Assessment

     5 Follow-Up Nutrition Sessions, each 30 minutes to monitor goal progression & maintain motivation


Total cost : 

weight loss program


A specifically designed exercise and nutritional program helping you to slim down and shape up very quickly. Achieve a healthy and fit body guided by our top professionals in working out and eating clean. The package is perfect for those who are looking for a home guided approach.


   3 Nutrition Coaching Sessions: 1 Individual Nutrition Session + 2 Follow-Up Appointments

   3 one to one Coached Cooking Sessions

  2 Months Ballet Body Sculpture Weight Loss program online

○   2 Months Kernesthetics Fitness & Weight Loss program online


Total cost :

NEW life - transformational program


This program is designed specifically for those who would like to significantly improve their life in every aspect. Our comprehensive approach includes motivation, goal setting, multidimensional assessment of your peak performance state: creation development & implementation of new lifestyle habits, with support of our world class couches in fitness, wellness and nutrition as well as reprogramming your subconscious mind. With such a powerful holistic approach you can finally have what years of hard work in solitude could never let you achieve.


     6 months unlimited access to Ballet Body Sculpture group classes

     4 sessions with Kern Frost – international peak performance coach

     6 Individual Nutrition Coaching Sessions: 1 Individual Nutrition Counseling Session + 5 Follow-Up Appointments

      6 months unlimited access to Ballet Body Sculpture Online Classes


Total cost :


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