Exclusive retreats

Our range of ballet, body, mind and spiritual programs include unique and exclusive retreats in some the world’s most beautiful and relaxing locations, as well as workshops, events and seminars to help our clients achieve their full potential.

Ballet Body Sculpture retreats combine a unique fusion of mind and body conditioning for anyone who is open to exploring their their inner and outer beauty. Life is about meaning and purpose, however our busy lives leave scant time to connect with ourselves, and the energy that is around us all of the time. We need to relax and centre through meditation, experience and exercise - specially formulated agendas that will replenish the essential dynamics of life that are so important to our spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing.

Just think for a minute, when was the last time you took four or seven days out of the hectic routine of life to simply give to yourself? - a series of days that are devoted to your energetic wellbeing in a place of incredible natural beauty and peace. When was the last time you invested into you and took a break from who you think you have to be, to find who you truly are? If you've been on a retreat before - you'll be aware of the exquisite power and pleasure of honouring you, and how these special days become the some of the most cherished of your life.

Retreats are not for everybody, so we take time to receive applications from interested parties, and tailor the experience to fulfil engaging groups who complement each other - as well as share and treasure the moments these unique events are designed to manifest.

This is an invitation from you to you, to be you... a pivotal experience that will begin the rest of your life - in line with your destiny - rather than your duty. We run a number of events across the year that feature some of the most inspirational new thinkers and achievers in the mind and body world you can find - all ready to take you on the journey of discovery of your life - through optimising your physical and mental wellbeing over a few glorious days  - so please register here to find out more. We run a number of events across the year so please register by email to find out more:



Some impressions from our last retreat in Austrian Alps