Kern Frost

Kern Frost


Kern specialises in using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis to help his clients develop more confidence, as well as overcome limiting behavioural practices. Having studied with two of the industries leading exponents - Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to become a Master NLP Practitioner, Kern found by developing a range of techniques in anchoring positive states as well as muscle memory, it was possible to advance the personal development process in many areas. 

This was especially useful for people wishing to gain increased performance such as athletes and dancers, as well as individuals seeking to lose weight.

After working with many professional ballet dancers on their careers, Kern proposed combining ballet (the most classical of all the dance styles) with NLP in a program of fitness and posture development, so considerable gains could be made and retained in relatively short periods of time.

Working and developing the program to perfect a range of unique and progressive routines, Ballet Body Sculpture was created to give women wishing to build or regain confidence and sense of well being, through increased levels of fitness and correct posture.

In addition to developing new fitness programs for Ballet Body Sculpture, Kern also works closely with private female clients to help them achieve their aspirations in both their business lives and their relationships. His four stage change program, is designed to open his clients minds to alternative perspectives, and new areas of creative inspiration for the future.

Kern is also the founder of MindGym a coaching platform providing professional advice and support to individuals through a unique training program.

He writes prolifically both fact and fiction, from business and self development works, to satirical adventure stories and psychological thrillers.

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