Step By Step - 7 Unique Ballet Based Workouts To Get A Celebrity-Like Body This Spring

Stop staring at the celeb on the cover of the magazine as you check out at grocery store! If you use high quality professionally developed workouts and eat clean you can see amazing results, just like a celebrity. Celebrities do not just follow strict eating plans to sculpt their body, they choose top fitness professionals to push themselves to the limits & more!:). These workouts are not your average stroll in the park but at your own level can be completed by all. So are you ready to start the great workouts that can help you rock your outfits like a celebrity!

Use a unique

Ballet Body Sculpture exercise

combination to help you lose weight,

develop a celebrity-like body outline

, posture, toned muscles and confidence.

7 Steps To Get Ready For The Spring Ballet Body Sculpture Exercise Set:

Step 1 - Ballet Body Blast Express!

Full ballet body workout class to tighten, lengthen, tone your full body! Intense, fun and very effective classical ballet sequences including a warm up, ballet barre, relaxing stretchers for you to enjoy & love your body!

Level -Beginner /Intermediate


Step 2 - BBS Perfect Ballerina Glutes & Abs!

Slim, tone and firm your entire core whilst creating beautiful length

and definition in your waistline.

Realign your posture, shape your bottom and firm the muscles in your legs, ballerina style! Followed by some uplifting music for your to enjoy & benefit.

Level -Beginner/Intermediate


Step 3 - BBS Strong & Lean – Flex Band Workout & Stretch!

Achieve your best body & posture fast! Focused on stretching, strengthening & lengthening your muscles. Targeting your tights, glutes, defining your legs, hips and forming graceful back & arms. Fire up your metabolism, slim, burn and see the difference with this challenging sequences that work every muscle group in your body!

Level -Beginner/Intermediate


Step 4 - BBS Workout Class-Barre I

Create Your Dream Body Line & Posture! An elegant Ballet Barre Workout class based on some muscle firing exercises from the classical ballet to tone up your muscles, lengthen, strengthen your legs, stretch & sculpt your thighs, calves and glutes for a stunning body silhouette.

Level -Beginner /Approx.30min

Step 5 - BBS Elegant Posture, Arms & Back

Create perfect posture & feminine ballerina arms. A graceful ballet workout designed to give you toned, lengthened, elegant, arms and a beautiful back. Low impact, artistic exercises with high impact results.

Level -Beginner /Approx.20min

Step 6 - BBS Centre Class I

Perfect Your Posture, Body Balance & Coordination. An elegant ballet lesson designed to lengthen and sculpt the lower body whilst strengthening your core stability. Improving your coordination, artistry and expression, low impact ballet steps are perfect for mastering the basics whilst you refine and tone.

Level -Beginner/Intermediate


Step 7 - BBS Full Body Blast II

Challenging & highly effective total body workout class.Beautifully designed series of mat, ballet barre, centre and stretching exercises that will fire up all your muscles, burn the calories, slim, tone up, stretch & lengthen your full body, creating elegant posture as well as sculpt a ballet dancer-like body line.

Level - Beginner/Intermediate

Approx. 50 min

Combining the major movements from classical ballet, Pilates and fitness firming exercises,

Ballet Body Sculpture

exercise classes will keep you healthy and slim, creating elegant posture, ballerina figure as well giving you a great feeling of confidence. Have fun!

All classes are available to purchase individually or you are welcome to subscribe to all our online class library: