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Ballet Body Sculpture is a Unique Ballet Based Exercise Workout Program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture and body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates, stretching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; forming a powerful mind & body connection for immediate and lasting results. No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture. Available classes : Group & Personal training 


BBS Nutrition -  Food Control - Weight Loss Advise


For any professional ballet dancer or elite athlete the metabolism burns far more rapidly than the average person, so nutrition is incredibly important to maintain peak performance. Eating the right things at the right times with the right quantities is proven to be fundamental to supporting excellent brain and body function. When you combine good nutrition with effective exercise the results are infinitely more effective -  than simply a trip to the gym or a weekly class. 


Our unique nutrition - food control - weight loss services can be access anywhere at any time worldwide, where you are busy working, travelling or enjoying the holiday time. Just simply take a picture of your meal or shopping basket, send it to us via WhatsUp (smart phone application) to get a  a quick review. Taking control of your daily diet with our instant professional advise on the quantity as well as the quality of your diet, right meal amounts & sizes on a daily basis, is a key to achieve your desired goals faster.


Weekly BBS Nutrition - Food Control - Weight Loss Advise Subscription  : $75.-/week


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