Ballet Classes & Training in Zurich



Ballet Body Sculpture is a unique ballet based exercise program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture, long muscles, flexibility, core strength, strong, slim and well conditioned body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates and deep stretching for immediate and lasting results.

No need of previous experience in ballet or dancing is necessary, just the enthusiasm to do something different and to sculpture your body in a graceful way.


What To Wear


Please wear comfortable exercise clothes, for the footwear we recommend to wear soft ballet shoes which you can find in all ballet stores. To start you can always wear just some socks. We have mats available at your disposal, but if you wish, you are welcome to bring your own too. We advise you to bring some water and a towel.


BBS Ballet Workout 

A unique combination of ballet exercises, Pilates, stretching and motivational techniques. It’s a high energy class targeted at developing a great posture, sculpting a dancer like waistline, bottom and shaping slim legs. The exercise program is based on building deep, lean and flexible muscle strength, helping to overcome any joint pains, including knee, shoulder or back, as well as creating a great physique. Open to all levels.


BBS Stretching & Body Conditioning 

Designed to strengthen, release and stretch muscle tensions, conditioning your body by increasing your range of motion and flexibility as well as overcoming back pain; improving your posture and circulation so you can exercise more efficiently, whilst keeping your body injury free. The class is structured as a workout & stretch combination. Open to all levels.


BBS Ballet Basics Workout

A great class for those that are just starting with ballet, or those who are conscious about using their body precisely and targeting correct muscle groups in order to achieve greater results. The class is structured as a unique combination of ballet exercises, Pilates, stretching and motivation. Open to all levels.


Group Classes PRICES


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Group classes schedule for beginner & intermediate

Exceptionally : No BBS Stretching & Body Conditioning Class on Wednesday 12/12/2018 at 18.00-19.00


Classes Location:

Arthur Murray Studios, Freischutzgasse 1

8004 Zurich


All group classes listed in the schedule above are available to join - open to all ages, regardless of your ballet or dance experience. To reserve a place please complete the payment and let us know what day you would like to take a class.

Our Ballet Body Sculpture 10 classes program, 10 / 20 classes, or 6 month unlimited pass allows you to join all group classes at all locations. All classes are available to drop in.

The class attendance is flexible, you can vary the day of the week, however in order to achieve better results we advise you to exercise on a regular basis, whenever possible.

Private Training


Private training is our most personalised form of training with each lesson custom tailored to your individual needs. Programs are developed for every individual class very specifically, based on your fitness level, objectives, time scales and desired results.  All private classes are arranged separately, at a convenient time for you.

We also offer semi private and small group classes.


Please enquire for more information:  Tel : +41(0) 792 848 016        Email.:


Corporate training


Looking to keep fit with your colleagues during the week? Maybe you’re looking for ways to maximise the motivation and productivity of your team? Ballet Body Sculpture exercise classes can benefit your employees by increasing work efficiency and concentration, reducing bad posture and its effects due to long periods of sitting, as well as improving confidence, mental focus and emotional wellbeing.

Packages available on request.

Please enquire for more information:    Tel : +41(0) 792 848 016;  Email.:

Ballet classes for children


Ballet Body Sculpture also offers high quality ballet classes for children - whether they are aiming to develop ballet into professional career, or just would like to enjoy dancing and gain great benefits our ballet classes have to offer. Young ballet dancers can enjoy a positive and creative dance atmosphere - learning ballet, developing elegant postures, balance, artistry, body strength, flexibility, focus and concentration. The essential foundations of any child’s life.