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Ballet Body Sculpture is a Unique Ballet Based Exercise Workout Program regardless of your age, ballet, dance or fitness experience. Perfect for those looking to create a graceful posture and body line, using techniques from classical ballet, Pilates, stretching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; forming a powerful mind & body connection for immediate and lasting results. No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture. Available classes : Group & Personal training 




Ballet Body Sculpture is a unique elegance, posture and fitness program, fusing the highly developed aesthetic nature of classical ballet training, with a mind body connection necessary to retain a wonderful and attractive outline for all occasions.

The system, combining Ballet, Stretching, Pilates and NLP techniques, was created by the founders of Ballet Body Sculpture to help and develop our clients inner sense of well being, with an outer radiance synonymous with the top performers of this classical art form.

No previous experience in ballet is necessary to join our classes and start creating your dream body line, elegance & posture.

Our unique classes are available internationally for those seeking the perfect body sculpture.

Whatever the age you can sculpture the figure of your dreams, through a series of captivating, fun and social classes, where you will learn to develop natural grace, toned body, elegance and mentally lock perfect posture into the muscle and mind memory, so you can look and feel their best everywhere, and at all times, especially when it matters.

We welcome clients of all ages and fitness levels, including individuals looking for an alternative to conventional physiotherapy for a range of physical conditions.

Whilst there are many dance and fitness classes, the Ballet Body Sculpture program steps far beyond this area into working with people who have physical discomfort, as well as those who would like to develop an excellent body aesthetic.

Our expertise comes from many years working at the highest level of international ballet. More than simply dance,  ballet professionals are athletes who understand anatomy and body mechanics more than any discipline. Our program is based on many years of body/ mind management, working with injuries and recovery whilst still maximising  peak performance.

For those looking to really make a difference in their lives and benefit from an expertise level that is second to none, then Ballet Body Sculpture is the only choice.


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What our clients say...

“I always wanted to start ballet lessons as it felt very appealing, but at my age I didn't feel very comfortable in joining local ballet school, as I felt ballet is only for young people or for professionals. But when I received a flyer from Ballet Body Sculpture I got really interested, to sculpture the body using ballet caught my attention.

Since I started the lessons with Asta, I felt a big improvement in my flexibility, coordination, body awareness and control, which I was unable to achieve in all my previous training, even working with a personal trainer. My posture improved and movements become very fluid and elegant. I love when I get the exercise form correctly, it always makes me feel really elegant and gives a nice feeling of confidence.

For anyone that is thinking but is hesitant to try the classes, I would definitely recommend to try at least one lesson and you will immediately start to feel the difference. The exercises are very well developed and focused specifically for a women's body, leaving the feeling of warm, well conditioned and toned body after every workout." Britta Dietsche



“Ballet Body Sculpture training classes is something for which I have been searching for over 30 years. 

Since my childhood I always wanted to try ballet, but never really felt very comfortable, or it was never the right time. After 10 years as a scientist, I started to focus more on my body awareness and decided to try something different and unique.

Undertaking the lessons on the regular basis has significantly improved my posture, flexibility, self expression and confidence in my body. I have developed core strength, flattened my stomach and significantly reduced bloating. Changes to my walk and movements in my daily life have become so apparent that people started to compliment me on my grace. I really enjoy seeing my weekly progress, and being able to relax and de-stress during the class, it's great seeing what my body is capable of achieving!

For anyone thinking of trying Ballet Body Sculpture, I would say, if you start you, will never regret.  The exercises are very well designed to achieve your goals. Trust the teacher, be prepared to be open and listen, work with yourself and the results will be rewarding." Melissa



“When I came across Ballet Body Sculpture it attracted me as a very elegant and feminine training. I always loved watching ballet performances and wanted find some exercise for my body that would feel comfortable and graceful. 

Exercising a couple of times a week on a regular basis in a very short space of time improved my posture, balance and coordination. My core strength and stamina got stronger, I became a lot more flexible and confident. Asta is a lovely teacher, I really enjoy the balance of the exercises at the class and nice music. Lessons are very social, during my period of training I have met a lot of international people. 

I would say that if you want to improve your posture, flexibility, core strength, coordination, self expression amongst other benefits, it's really worth while trying out. Be prepared to put some effort in but in a fun and graceful way.” Christa Schwarz



Impressions from our classes


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