The problem

The unfortunate truth is, the majority of people working within the fitness industry are only qualified to a basic level, sometimes with little more than a few months training. This applies to personal trainers, gym trainers, yoga teachers and those professing ballet expertise. Consequently, injuries abound with extremely low gains, as well as temporary and disappointing results.


The Solution

Ballet Body Sculpture is a high end program that begins with educating you in fitness techniques derived from a profession that normally requires the ultimate in athletic dedication. We believe the more expertise we train you in, and the higher the level of experience you are provided with, the better you will be equipped to help us optimise your behavioural triggers and use your body mechanics effectively. By using a holistic approach through our Ballet Body Sculpture program, tailored to your specific body profile and desired silhouette, we can create an highly effective bespoke development and management system for you to get you the results you want.